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Double Degrees and Qualifications

The Finnish education system is one of the best in the world! Esedu has License from the National Board of Education in Finland to export Finnish competence-based vocational qualifications and units to countries outside the European Union and European economic area. The qualifications are taken in the form of competence-based qualifications in real-life situations. We provide the vocational qualifications only for groups by appointment in the client’s country of origin. Training is subject to a fee.


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Double degree – Vocational Upper Secondary Qualification

The first foreign group of students graduated from Esedu in May 2021. In total 23 students of the College of Communications No. 54 from Moscow completed their Vocational upper secondary qualification studies in the study program “Information and Communication Technologies”.

Note! Since Russia started the war against Ukraine, Esedu has stopped the co-operation with the Russian partners 28th of February 2022 until further notice.

Important facts

  • The education is carried out in the partner’s country of origin and in cooperation with the partner’s educational institution.
  • The students are studying for the degree in the same field in their own country and in Finland at the same time.
  • The students will not study anything unnecessary because their studies are supplemented only by the studies that are necessary to achieve the Finnish degree.
  • The teachers of the partner organization and college Esedu work closely together in the planning and implementation of the training.
  • If possible, the education takes place on the language desired by the client through an interpreter.

Benefits of the Double Degree

  • More employment opportunities for the students.
  • The degree is recognized in EU countries. The degree enables employment and/or postgraduate studies in the universities of Finland and other EU countries.
  • During the education, the students and teachers will get acquainted with the Finnish vocational education system.
  • Collaboration between teachers allows the exchange of experiences and sharing the best practices.
  • If a study trip to Finland is included in the program, the students and teachers can visit Finnish companies, get acquainted with the Finnish educational system and the model of the on-the-job learning.

Further Vocational Qualifications and Specialist Vocational Qualifications

Further Vocational Qualifications and Specialist Vocational Qualifications are intended mainly for persons who are already in working life or already have work experience. With the help of these degrees, a person can deepen their knowledge in their own profession.

These qualifications are an excellent way for companies to offer their workers possibilities to develop their professional knowledge and skills.

Depending on the interest and need, we can also offer education in single vocational units if there is no need to complete the entire degree.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!


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