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Front pageContinuing education in Mechanical Engineering and Production

Continuing education in Mechanical Engineering and Production

Vocational qualification unit of the Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

Mikkeli, Online
Application method:
Other application method

Skills content is refined according to the needs of students and workplaces, but they may include, for example:

  • 3D-printing
  • CNC edge work (20 competence points)
  • CAD/CAM programming (20 competence points)
  • CAD/CAM design
  • Welding and sheet metal work (30 competence points)
  • Manual machining (20 competence points).

Skills content can also consist of smaller units of the qualification, if deemed necessary. In addition, students have access to S2 studies, and if needed, also studies supporting study readiness, i.e., OPVA studies. The group will also be provided with a comprehensive career, work-life, and study guidance package.

Mikkeli: Raviradantie 4-6

Studying will take place through multiform methods. Some parts of the degree are completed online, while others are carried out through independent study and workplace-learning under an apprenticeship agreement.

The main target groups are:

  • Foreign-educated individuals in the field of machinery and metalworking who are working in the industry and have a need for skills development.
  • Foreign-language individuals working in the industry without formal education in the field, seeking entry into the sector.
  • Foreign-language individuals working in other industries who are transitioning to the machinery and metalworking sector.
  • Foreign-language individuals seeking entry into the sector from outside the workforce.

Since the implementation is through an apprenticeship, students must have a workplace from the start of their studies.

Application for the studies

Course fee

The studying is free of charge. The student shall pay himself/herself the possible official fees of the working-life proficiency tests during the training, a part of the study expenses, f.ex. work clothes and shoes needed in the training and required by the profession.

Workplace requirements

Since the implementation is through an apprenticeship, students must have a workplace from the start of their studies. Workplace has to be located in Finland and needs to be search by the student. Selected workplaces must be such that they allow for client work and evaluation to be carried out in English.

Language skills

Applicants’ language skills will be tested during the selection process.


When applying for studies, choose Arto Väisänen as Apprenticeship Coordinator from the list.

The studies begin as per the agreement.

FAQ’s for applicants

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More information

Apprenticeship Coordinator

Arto Väisänen
tel. +358 447115619


Otavankatu 4
tel. +358 40661 0394

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